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Although this was the first forum I posted about my semi-auto muzzleloading ideas, since then I've posted them at a steampunk forum. Originally I didn't think they would turn out to be "steamy" but then I realized they were very "steampunk" style, so I posted them there too to get ideas from the members and boy did that work out well with one member.

At the Steampunk forum at Brass Goggles, after he saw my semi-auto muzzleloading revolver design concept rendering, fellow member Otto Von Pifka came up with a stroke of genius idea for my semi-auto revolver concept.
Here's what he drew and wrote.....

Otto Von Pifka wrote:
"I didn't draw in the frame and the reloading lever. thinking about it, the lever could retain the plug in the front of the gas cylinder to simplify things."

and here's what I responded to him.....

"Ah! I see. You postulate using an elongated, modified, cylinder arbor pin to double as a gas piston to cock the hammer. Brilliant!
That is a great idea Otto. By making the arbor pin/gas piston spring loaded it would return back forward after cocking the hammer.
Now how could I utilize that piston to also rotate the cylinder without the cylinder having to have zig zag slots and recoil rearward?
Ah! I've got it. The arbor pin/gas piston could have spring loaded lug projections on it that would pivot backward but not forward. The hole in the cylinder for the arbor could have corresponding spiral slots cut into it so that the lugs on the arbor pin/gas piston, were just barely engaging the spiral slots in the central cylinder hole. Then when the gas piston went rearward to cock the hammer, it would also advance the cylinder. Then when the arbor pin/gas piston went back forward again due to its spring decompressing, the lugs sticking out of the arbor would fold back and pass through the central hole of the cylinder. Obviating the need for a zig zag slotted recoiling cylinder, and thus making a longer standard length cylinder possible since it doesn't need space to recoil to advance to the next chamber. Hmmm, very interesting Otto. Kudos and thanks for that idea, that was sheer genius on your part. That possibility never occurred to me.
Do you have any ideas for advancing the cylinder to the next chamber using that arbor pin/gas piston that might be better than the one I proposed with the folding lugs on the arbor pin?"

How about y'all here, anyone have any other ideas for using that arbor pin/gas piston that could cock the hammer, to also advance the cylinder in any better method than the one I conceived of the one way folding/pivoting lugs on the arbor pin engaging spiral slots in the central cylinder hole?

I like this idea. All this would require would be to drill a gas tap on the barrel, weld a gas cylinder to align with it, make a elongated arbor pin that doubled as a gas piston that had one way folding lugs in the pin that engaged spiral cut slots in the cylinder's central arbor hole to advance the cylinder to the next chamber. Otto came up with using the arbor pin as a gas piston and I came up with the one way folding lugs on the arbor pin engaging spiral slots inside the cylinder's center hole. A gas operated, semi-auto, muzzleloading revolver. Wouldn't that just be a hoot? Using pyrodex plus p it wouldn't gum up the gas cylinder.

"This is my Remy and this is my Colt. Remy loads easy and topstrap strong, Colt balances better and never feels wrong. A repro black powder revolver gun, they smoke and shoot lead and give me much fun. I can't figure out which one I like better, they're both fine revolvers that fit in my leather".
"To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target".

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