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I read once where a known writer (Barsness? maybe) called the Ball. Tip the "ideal" whitetail bullet.

They were all the rage here for some time. My buddy shot them from the 7 mag and got explosive chest wounds around 100-125 yds, not sure of weight. I killed 3-4 deer with .270/130 Ball Tips but my results were not that dramatic. Ranges were +/- 200 so maybe the velocity was down??

They are an accurate bullet, I've not heard anybody complain about that aspect. Too, the front of a Partion is pretty frangible, and meat loss is certainly possible w/ a Partition arriving fast and hard inside 100.

I save Partitions for "light" deer rounds, .243 and the .223. I have some others on hand 'case I ever get to hunt real big game that have surfaced in trades and such, but I do not hunt Partitions on deer in typical .270 and up cals.

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