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walgreens pharmacist fired for thwarting armed robbery with legal CCW,4169314.story

notice the comments at the end of the story: the first one lists a website URL for the Long Island pharmacy murders earlier this year. The link I posted above is from current news. I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in legal/civil forum(please move if necessary & thank you), and basically I am typing more and more just trying to avoid a drivebyjust kidding!

No, in all seriousness, I back this guy 100 percent!! Having corporations, policies, and laws are one thing, but society still needs a place for basic common sense in my opinion! One far off example was the travesty that young kids faced during the Industrial Revolution where again corporations could basically get away with 'murder' in the workplace. Something needs to be done to protect this man and others like him who are law-abiding and need their careers(not jobs) to care for their families just like how something was done to protect workers way back when. Getting fired can drastically affect someone's future, not to mention the retirement this man hoped to have thru Walgreens someday. This is another example in my opinion of how the 2nd amendment rights of Americans can be taken away from us wrongfully. I always go to Walgreens; it is our pharmacy of choice with the rewards program, quick service, etc, but this kind of thing is making me upset there is no barf icon anymore so I guess I'll just go wide eyed instead! This whole thing is just inherently wrong to me. I'm hoping for more insights from fellow TFL Members.
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