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I was sorta hoping Funtimes would have been back to tell us the news!

On 08-29, in docket entry #15, in Baker v. Kealoha, plaintiff baker filed a notice of dismissal pursuant to Rule 41 of the FRCP (this means that Funtimes has dismissed his own lawsuit, without prejudice).

The very next day, Baker is refiled. Case #11-00528 has a new docket, here. The new complaint is here.

After reading the complaint, I can see why. They have incorporated much of the reasoning of the Ezell decision and the Shepard case (filed contemporaneously with the complaint is a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction) in his newly file complaint. They are going for a straight forward RKBA carry case, to include non-lethal self defense weapons along with handguns.

This new litigation strategy will be interesting, to say the least.

What I really want to read is how there is no 2A outside the home... Oh... wait a minute... We don't allow it in the home either!
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