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I skimmed through the App Store 'Utilities' category pretty quickly, and I found a few more apps.

Later I might get ambitious and attempt to subcategorize all the apps as I did previously with 'Trajectory Calulators', 'Range and Shop Locators', etc. I like the results of that effort.

There were several apps I considered but ultimately passed on. These were night vision simulators. I thought there was some potential for these, even though iOS devices don't have real infra-red sensors, but the reviews I read convinced me that these apps were just a gimmick. I thought they might be able to take regular light images and enhance them in the way that the Camera+ app can take regular photos and then sharpen and brighten them with its edit tools. I use Camera+ now for all my iPod still photos, although I still use Apple's Camera app for video. I was hoping that the night vision simulator apps would perform some sort of real-time image enhancement where I could just hold up my iPod to a dark room and it would show me what my eyes could not see, but apparently not. Since Camera+ can do this with images it captures (photographs), I was hoping that some program can do this in real time with the uncaptured camera image.

Meanwhile, my slightly revised list follows.
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