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One thing you need to keep in mind when field dressing an elk - "Are there bears around?" Now I see the OP is from SD, so he may have gotten himself a tag in the black hills where there are no big bears, and if thats the case, this post is for the rest of you hunters traveling in bear country. I strongly suggest you have help, for the sole purpose of keeping an eye out for our fellow predators. Always cary bear spray and have your weapon ready. Elk are big, die in bad places (steep), and have a lot of smelly blood in them. You are not going to dress one in the field without getting bloody and doing so takes alot of concentration. You may not notice that big brownie sneaking up behind you. Bloody cloths equal good smells to grizzlies. Be carefull and again, always have a friend with you when hunting/field dressing an elk in bear country. Trust me!
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