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I've offered my thoughts before on this, but IMO, when shooting for groups (i.e. "target" shooting), good, but not excellent shooting is 3" groups at 25 yards. Those are honest and consistent 5-shot groups, shot unsupported with a serviced-sized handgun. Revolver shooters should be able to do this in double action as well. "Honest and consistent" means all shots count (no dismissing "fliers") and it's what you're typically able to do on demand.

At 25 feet, these would be 1" groups, so, yeah, I'd say you're doing well. Even your 2" groups are better than even those who regularly go to the range, IME, so kudos to you and your wife.

I wouldn't call 6 shots in 10-15 seconds particularly "fast", though. For SD, one metric might be 2 shots in 2 seconds within the Center of Mass, or a 6" circle. Typically it's done from the holster, but if you can do it from The Ready position, you're doing well too.

I'd also recommend using an appropriate target, i.e. a "bullseye" type target for your target shooting, and something like the target above for your faster, SD drills.
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