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wpcexpert, I've personally witnessed a hog run off a few hundred yards after a good broadside hit with a 12ga slug.

I've witnessed another that took a .44 behind the shoulder from a Marlin 94, that ran off into the brush. We had to go in after it. Coup de grace to the head did the trick. During butchering, first bullet was found in the shoulder cartilage, and had never penetrated further. (240JHP, which the shooter used against the rest our our advice.)

I've witnessed another one get dropped by a spinal shot with a crossbow; hunter administered a .357 coup de grace with a S&W 60, then turned around to get a picture. Hog tried to get up (only its front legs worked) and he had to shoot it behind the ear a second time. I didn't know that guy, and have no idea what .357 loads he was using.

So, unless the distance was close enough that the shot group hadn't spread appeciably, I wouldn't necessarily trust a 3.5' turkey load.
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