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I've used electronic protection for several years now. With the prices if today's units there's really no excuse not to have them.
I have used units from Radians that are "Behind The Ear" hearing aid style as well as their muff style. They are very inexpensive, you can find them for under $50 for the BTE and about $75 for the muffs, last I looked. The Radians are functionally fine but not super durable, although I did get about 4 hard years out of my muffs. Their BTE uses a plastic/rubbery ear insert that is not super comfortable.

I have also used Walker's Game Ear BTE digital devices. They work very well and are more comfortable than the Radians but the price is rather ungodly.

I wear the BTE style even into the 90+ degree weather when woodchuck hunting. It's not totally comfortable but it beats being deaf.

I prefer muffs for big game in my climate, it's generally quite cold during dear season.
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