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Originally Posted by MLeake View Post
speedfreeq, your comments fully justified fiddletown's feedback. If you believe your own remarks, then your training and judgement are suspect.

If you just threw them out there to be funny, please realize a lot of people who don't have much training and who don't know any better might take them seriously.

Either way, you are not representing yourself well.
I see this is the thread that just gets more and more ridiculous, drawing all parties back in repeatedly to clarify, justify, or simply argue.

For the record and the benefit of any random persons who seem to find themselves concerned, I am indeed aware of the definition and fairly narrow permitted use of deadly force. I understand that I may not haphazardly fire upon an innocent mugger or burglar unless I'm reasonably sure I'm in vital danger.

Furthermore, I apologize profusely for contributing to an increasingly absurd argument that was already considerably OT with an equally absurd statement ironically meant to draw attention to the aforementioned absurdity.

As for the matter of how I'm representing myself... it's an internet forum; ergo, it's essentially a futile exercise. Think of me what you will. You're probably wrong.

Done here. Forget you saw me.

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