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Originally Posted by speedfreeq
...I'm a veteran, with a valid CCW and a decent shot group...
Thanks for your service.

However, it's still not obvious that you fully understand self defense issues, especially when you make statements like, "...using my little .22 revolver and some bad guy stealing my stuff ..." or "...put as many of the 9 available rounds in dude's face. I feel I could probably be somewhat less judicious with the 17 rounds in my 9mm,..." One may draw inferences about what you know from what you write.

And having a valid CCW is a fine thing, but many States have no training requirement to get a CCW; and even in all of the States with a training requirement, it's pretty minimal.

Originally Posted by speedfreeq
...Was unaware there was a professor lecturing... my bad.
Well you're welcome to check out my profile here on the board.
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