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A crank handle Gatling gun is a legal title 1 firearm. In some cases, something that makes a title 1 firearm fire as a machine gun, *legally* is the machine gun (think HK sears for the model 91, 93, and 94) If he were to register an electric motor that is made to be attached to a regular Gatling gun as a post sample... The motor would then be the machine gun. That way he makes his TV show and can sell the Gatling gun sans post-sample full auto motor for a nice 15 grand.
I'm not following you...
Like I said, I know little about NFA regs.
I do know that it is illegal to own a MG, of any type, that was manufactured after 1986.
So, how does somehow making the motor, a MG (assuming that's what you're saying), qualify it to be a transferable NFA firearm?

I still cannot see any way that dude could own- and possess- that weapon. He took it- motor and all...
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