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my hand would be going onto the butt of my revolver out of fear.They look like some king of gangbanger or wannabees.
So you reach for your gun when you see young men with tattoos?

Has any one considered that the BATFE regulates each each machinegun a little differently? Has any one of you considered that Will takes the time to explain how what he is doing is legal but that "boring legal talk" gets edited out?

A crank handle Gatling gun is a legal title 1 firearm. In some cases, something that makes a title 1 firearm fire as a machine gun, *legally* is the machine gun (think HK sears for the model 91, 93, and 94) If he were to register an electric motor that is made to be attached to a regular Gatling gun as a post sample... The motor would then be the machine gun. That way he makes his TV show and can sell the Gatling gun sans post-sample full auto motor for a nice 15 grand.
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