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Having never fired a suppressed pistol, I was wondering how you folks with suppressors hold your larger caliber guns with suppressors on them? Do you ever use your weak hand to hold /support the suppressor? Is there any danger to that?
Usually no, for a few reasons:

- Suppressors get HOT.
- Most centerfire pistol suppressors are on some sort of tilting link barrel, which requires the suppressor to use a muzzle booster-aka "Neilsen device", which is a sort of sprung counterweight that keeps the extra weight of the suppressor from messing up the unlocking portion of the pistol's cycling. Holding the suppressor would likely cause a stoppage.

The only time I've seen a suppressor used for hand placement was with old Mac10 and 11 subguns and one of those old Sionics and SWD suppressors using a nomex wrap. Those are both fixed barrels however.
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