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In real life,if one of these young guys were near me in public,my hand would be going onto the butt of my revolver out of fear.They look like some king of gangbanger or wannabees.
Then I suggest you grow up or quit carrying a gun because you're likely to shoot somebody who isn't a threat.

However they look to you, it is not illegal to look a certain way. If you consider them to look like gangbangers, then you really need an accurate view of the current state of street gangs and to dial your prejudice down few notches.

The thread is concerning the legality of a gatling-style gun with shotgun barrels. I wonder if that might not be considered a destructive device more than a full auto... maybe that might be what makes it legal? But then, I would think that an electric drive would indeed make it a full auto. I admit I haven't seen many of the recent shows (they're piling up on the DVR).
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