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Gatlings generally made prior to 1898 and a few made around 1900 are not subject to NFA, but hand crank models utilising center fire ammunition outside of that are subject to NFA rules.

That is the reason that the few reproductions one see's use either rim fire or some kind of special adapter that is not considered a centerfire cartridge or in one case primed and loaded barrel fed from a hopper.

Now, since I didn't see the show, I don't know what they did, but, if as I suspect they used several semi auto 12 gauges hooked to a frame work and then spun it by using an electric motor and each shotgun was fired when the trigger was pulled by a mechanism/fixed or gear operated, then it is possible that because each shotgun is still a full intact firearm and since it still require a "Separate" trigger pull each and every time to fire, that it does not fall under the NFA.

Of course this is still speculation on my part and my "Gatling" stage of life was over a long time ago and all the BATF rulings and determinations that I had on file went with the gun when my grandad sold it, so I am going strictly from memory now.
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