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You're right about that. I've killed swamp rabbits that field dressed at 4 lbs. It doesn't take many of those to fill a game bag. We'd hunt an area near Cheneyville that had huge swamp rabbits. Sometimes I'd consider bringing the .30-30 instead of the shotgun, ...
LOL at the .30-30.

You must be from around Alec? I mostly hunt up north, just south of Plain Dealing, if you know where that's at. Our lease is right on the Red River. I also hunt down around Coushatta in Red River Parish sometimes.

I wish they had game cameras back when I was about 15. I saw a mountain lion at our lease while I was hunting. That was the eeriest and oddest sight I think I've ever seen in the woods, mostly just because all through my childhood and young adulthood, I had been told by every game warden and wildlife biologist I talked to that there are no mountain lions in our state. Well... they don't know jack! It wasn't too long ago they finally caught one in Natchitoches, LA, and confirmed what I had been trying to tell folks for years. I wish I'd have had a camera with me that day, because about 50% of the folks that I talked to about it didn't believe me or thought I saw a coyote and can't tell the difference between a damn cat and dog

You never know what you will see in the woods.

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