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Originally Posted by markj
...they sneak up on the bear and shoot it in the rear legs as it will bleed out, they follow it till it dies and they eat...
And exactly what does that have to do with defending oneself against a violent attack?

Originally Posted by markj
...What happened to using your head and adapting to what you have on hand?...
Making do in an emergency with what you have is one thing. Choosing a cartridge for self defense is another. And if you have the opportunity to choose in advance of need, and you choose the .22 lr, you're not necessarily using your head. Under most circumstance, you'd be making a lousy choice.

It's too bad you don't seem to recognize the difference between improvising in extremis and preparing ahead of time.

There may be extraordinary circumstances in which the .22 lr could be a reasonable choice -- if one is infirm and simply can't manage anything bigger, for example. But if one can choose ahead of time and manage something bigger, a .22 lr is a poor choice.

Originally Posted by markj
...Why cant you guys understand some old timers just dont go with your flow?...
I, for one, don't care whether or not you "go with my flow." What I care about are newcomers who visit this, and other boards, to learn and who might get sidetracked by someone's poor or misleading information.
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