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But back to the original posters question.

I'd go with the partitions. They will give good penetration but unlike some controlled expansion bullets they aren't so tough that you barely get any expansion on deer sized animals. The front portion expands like a typical cup and core bullet but that partitioned off rear segment is usually going to exit.

Ballistic tips are a hollow point with a pretty colored plastic nipple snapped into the tip hole to increase the ballistic coefficient. But on game they still react just like a hollow point. Which is to say they over expand and fragment all to hell. Now some people like that. And when all goes well they can produce some spectacular DRT kills. But when it goes bad with them it can really go bad. And you usually won't have an exit hole to leak much blood onto the ground either.

I always say it like this. When I take my bow into the woods I am content to wait for the perfect shot angle. That is part of the added challenge of bow hunting. But when I carry a rifle I don't expect to have to be that picky. If I spot the buck a lifetime 80 yards away and quartering to wards me, I want a bullet that I'm confident will plow through his shoulder and into the vitals. I just do not have that confidence in BT's.
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