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you are suggesting that because of this it is good for self defense against a violent human.
If it is all you have its better than a sharp stick in the eye.

So I would like to see you perform against a charging polar bear with your 22. Seems the task is much harder when your prey won't sit still and allow you to pick the sweet spot
Well since you are not up on their hunting methods I will say not one was charging, they sneak up on the bear and shoot it in the rear legs as it will bleed out, they follow it till it dies and they eat. Sounds more like using their heads more than getting the largest caliber and being able to use what they have to survive.

Why cant you guys understand some old timers just dont go with your flow?
Bigger isnt always better.

My carry is a colt new agent in .45 acp fyi. But in the barn is a 22 in the truck is a 22 in the tractors cab is a 22.

What happened to using your head and adapting to what you have on hand?

You guys kill me when will it be enough for ya? a 600 nitro? lol miss that first shot the guy with a 22 will shoot 10 or 12 times... or dont you think you might just miss that first shot? lol
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