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Call me paranoid, but at a range that has no security or RO, I also keep a loaded gun on my person at all times. Doesn't mean I can't get shot in the back by a Platt or a Matix, in the extremely unlikely event that somebody of that ilk were to show up; does mean that I won't be in a situation where I am unarmed, and know that something bad is about to happen.
Likewise MLeake. I guess i'm paranoid too.

Whenever I go to the range I always have another loaded gun on me concealed besides the gun(s) i'm shooting. This gun is for SD only and doesn't get used otherwise.

I don't know about anyone else here but I don't consider a shotgun, unless it's an AA-12 or something similar, to be on the same level as a .223 or .308 carbine-battle rifle.
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