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10,000rds Without a Malfunction (WWG/Colt AR)

Last weekend I had an extremely excessive rangeday with my AR, and that put it over the 10k mark, malf-free. It's a Wild West Guns / Colt A4gery- 6920 coverted to A4 configuration with a bunch of Colt parts and a Sabre Defense 20" 1in7" .gov-profile barrel, put together and tested two years ago by Kenny's AR-monkeyboy (who also test-fired my malfunctioning Hakim for me; a brave fellow).

None of my kalashnikovs have ever come close to this sort of reliabilty, although they are generally hamstrung by poor quality steel-cased ammunition. I am glad to say that the WWG/Colt has never been besmirched by funky steel ammo, although it has eaten a vast variety of brass, whatever happened to be on sale at the time or seemed interesting. Everything from forty-something grain Remington varmint ammo (didn't shoot worth a darn, probably overspun by the 1in7", but at least it didn't explode in flight) to the finest Black Hills, Lapua, etc... (shoots worth several darns)

It was rarely cleaned; frequently going 600rds+ between even basic wipedowns of the guts. No magic lubes or fancified components, just CLP and Colt bits.

I am very happy with my rifle, and Colt, Ken, and WWG have my great appreciation for the magnificently reliable boomstick!

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