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Light skinned game like whitetail deer are what the BT's are designed for. They flat out put a hog down too, killed a 400lb boar with one last season but didn't get an exit, though I doubt a partition would have given one either. That big pig was thick. Blew up two smaller ones on the same sit with one shot. The 7mm08 I also shoot has taken numerous deer with a 150grn BT and devastating results. Haven't dropped the hammer on one this year with my .308 and its BT loads, maybe that'll change this weekend. I did have a weird situation last fall with a BT that passed between two ribs and straight out between two ribs and never expended, fluke or bad shot/luck any way you cut it it was my fault and I kick myself for not doing better.

Not a thing wrong with the Partition either, tons of game taken with them at some pretty good ranges over the years, just more of a controled expansion and weight retention bullet. I shoot the BT's now because they give me pinpoint accuracy. I shoot them in my .243, 7mm08, .308, and 30.06's.

Pick your poison between the two or any of the other similar bullets out there. If you do your part and make a good shot, they will all put the animal down for the count.
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