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Why do you say this? My Dad carried one in the field for like 40 years, it was heavy, would cut the top of my thumb with the hammer bite and after 40 years of use it would go off by itself if bumped in the right way
The cowboy action guys love them. As far as hammer bite, that's because you were holding it wrong. Neither of mine bite my thumb because I keep my thumb out of the way

And the going off by itself is easily fixable by any half-competent gunsmith. One of mine was like that when my dad gave it to me and it took the 'smith about 15 minutes with a stone to fix.

Heavy? Heck yeah, they weigh a ton! They're 100% steel with about a gazillion parts! And chock full o' history.

I've got two - they both belonged to my great grandfather. And they both are wicked at the sporting clays range, for both dusting clays and building upper body strength!
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