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I don't think Buds is trying to screw you in anyway. They do too much Internet business to try that stuff. It was probably just a popular model. They get a limited amount for LEO. I saw a Kahr CM9 on their police site on the weekend a while back and stopped by the shop the next Monday. They said they sold out and might have oversold by one gun (no, it wasn't to the OP ). Anyway, I ended up buying it at their regular retail establish a short time later and didn't mind losing the discount to get the gun.

As I see it, the real problem is the BS the first call representative gave you. If you have his name, you should report him to management. It would have been much easier to relate the real problem or to even say, "I don't know but I'll get back to you."

I would cancel the sale and make sure Bud's credits your account or doesn't charge it.
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