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New to suppressors

Hey guys,

Back again!

I'm not a firearm newbie, but I am new to suppressors, and I am looking at purchasing one soon (yes I know all legal work involved to get one).

I want to put one on my M4 Carbine (5.56mm), and I want one that is tougher than the rest, for a reasonable price (AAC has some nice ones that i would love to have).

So, AAC claims they are the toughest. Gem Tech is out of the question, because they aren't welded baffles and a recent military test (AAC passed) caused the Gem Tech to fail.

My biggest questions right now:

(1) Are there other brands just as tough as AAC, and reasonably priced like theirs?
(2) Would a 6.8 Suppressor work just fine on my 6.5 Grendel and my 5.56mm or would it be better to buy one for each (I would have to save up a while for another one).
But when it comes to sound suppression, how much would I lose using a 6.8 on a 5.56 upper?
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