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Fast & Furious in Texas and Arizona. Castaway in Florida (and possibly Georgia). Now this as yet unnamed operation in Indiana. I also know two dealers in Oklahoma who have been approached by the ATF.
Folks, what you are looking at, like it or not, is a deliberate arming of the criminal element in this country and at least two neighboring countries for a yet unknown purpose. It is quite possible that this was in operation nationwide.
Is it so far-fetched? This is Cold-War theory. They used to call it "balance of power". If you can't disarm one side, you make the other side equal.
We have records that show who makes political contributions...except for one group...the criminals. Is it beyond logic to consider that the drug cartels alone could be major financial contributors to our political process? With an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, is it so far fetched to think that a few billion spent on political manipulation and attempting to disarm the public wouldn't be a smart thing for them to do?
If you don't think it's possible, I suggest you look at Chicago from the 20's and 30's to the present and the present state of gun control in that city even after McDonald v. Chicago. They are doing their best to insure that the status quo remains; that only the criminals, the police and members of the political machine have the right to own and bear arms.
Now apply Chicago "politics" to the rest of the nation.
And where is our current President from?

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