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Read what Fiddletown said. If that doesn't allow you to understand why the 22lr is the worst defensive caliber choice available then stop debating because nothing will change on either side.
I never said it was the best, but if it was all I had Iwould not hesitqate to use it.

Executing animals for consumption isn't the same thing as defensive use of a caliber
On my trap line a 22 is all I ever take. I dont just kill cows dudes. I hunt, everything I can. In the 60s Ikilled a deer with my 22. Inuit indians kill polar bears with a 22, go check it out for yourself.

The 22 short is what you are thinking about, the lr was introduced to give the round power. Wish I could find that old book told the story of most calibers of that time (the 50s and 60s).

Them riverboat gamblers carried multi shot 22s for the cartridges guns.

Like I said themedia has brain washed most folks, Americans need bigger than anyone else.

Like I said, if a 22 was all I had Iwould not run and hide, I would use the durn thing effectivly. I know how to shoot the thing.
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