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This has turned into an interesting discussion about shooting in the boonies alone. I agree this is a solid point because the shooters were ambushed by Matix and Platt. I think they came across as friendly to one of them at 1st time they shot them so people must be wary.

Somebody already mentioned this but how about all the gun hands or even just arms that were hit in the gunfight, think about it. Your gun hand is going to be infront of your COM so its got a good chance of getting hit. Platts right arm was riddled with bullets, Matix's right was hit, along with at least two agents being hit in the hand and one in the arm. Supposedly, Jerry Dove's Smith took a round and stopped working on him. Alot of rounds hit their opponents hand/arm. A lesson I learned from this was practice with both hands on every weapon. Yes I am less proficient with my left but wouldnt feel uncomfortable if forced to use it. I think this shootout provides a valuable lesson that you very well may have to use your off hand.
-- Also I wont go anywhere without a backup gun now. I just bought myself a little Seecamp .32 that I keep with me along with my primary CCW from now on. Its a little something extra should I need it and I do feel more comfortable with it.
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