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Problems with Bud's Gun Shop

I ordered a S&W handgun from Bud's Law Enforcement last week. Shortly after I received an email saying they needed to verify my credentials. I emailed them my credentials and received an email stating that they had received my credentials and they had been verified. I then reordered the pistol and received an email saying that the weapon would be shipped in 3-7 working days. This was on 9-4-11. Today I get an email saying to give them a call regarding my order. So I do. The guy on the phone says that S&W refuses to allow LE discounts to NC. I called BS and was transferred to another CSR who admitted they had sold me a gun they didn't have. I asked when they would have it and they stated "at least a month knowing S&W". He offered to sell me another gun. Has anyone else had this problem with Buds? I am annoyed to say the least. My Credit Card has been charged and they don't even have the product. What the H... is this. Bait and Switch? Let me clarify. My CC has not shown the transaction to have occurred but funds in the exact amount of the sale are not available.

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