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If you are alone and shooting in a remote area be careful. This goes without saying you never know what kind of animal or BG could creep up on you. Keep a look out and keep looking around. But, I believe If someone really wants to ambush you they probably will suprise you. Id say try to be as alert as possible so you wont get suprised, if you do youre probably dead.

Back to the shootout though. I developed a mindset from this shootout that
1) If I'm hit that doesnt necessarily mean Im going to die, but even if I am, I want to get the SOB who got me. I will continue fighting until I am unable because I know the body can and I want to live.
2) I do not expect BG's that I may have to ever engage in a SD shoot to drop from a couple hits. I am expecting that every adversary is going to be difficult to stop. If they arent thats great but I want to be prepared.
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