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I took the Taurus to a gun shop, explained what was happening and after listening to all the "that can't happens" and after talking the guy into trying it, my point was proven. After showing all his gun shop friends, he told me I could send the pistol back to Taurus for them to fix it. We are going to live with it just because I am not sure about sending my guns off.
You'll find -- and there are exceptions -- that most gun shop people (owners or staff) are competent to take your money but aren't really all that savvy about other aspects of gun ownership or use. (When they are also gunsmiths, or have one on staff, things can be different.)

Unless the slide closing EASILY on your Taurus is causing you concern, I wouldn't send it back. Remember: you can't use the U.S. Mails to ship handguns, unless you're an FFL, and shipping it by UPS or FedEx can be VERY expensive. (Now, if the gun maker offers to send you a UPS shipping label, go for it.)

It's not dangerous, just surprising, if you're not used to it.

Sometimes something as simple as a slide stop spring needs to be bent or replaced. (That spring, in some guns, simply holds the stop in whatever position it's in, to keep it from moving easily.)
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