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It's not the length of the barrel, it's the choke in the barrel that would make or break a turkey gun. Unfortunately, most of the coach guns are open choked which is not optimum for turkeys which are usually hunted with #6 and larger shot and tight chokes. As a small game gun, the open chokes are fine but limit range to 25-35 yards.
Regarding the useability of the Stoegers, I have 3 in 410,28, and 20 and they are adequate and actually fairly nice looking. Especially the 28 which is a straight stocked 26" IMP/MOD that I use when hunting game farm pheasants(just to show off). I love bagging just as many birds as the macho guys toting their whampensucker loaded 12 gauges and getting the snot kicked out of themselves for 25 yard shots.
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