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Any fears that I have... about that car who stops and watches me, yes, I've had those fears, or the not so nice looking dude who strolls into my shop 3 minutes before closing when I have no orders.... are just that, fears.
Which is exactly as I suggested. You are projecting your fears onto my actions and motives. You see, I am NOT afraid when I am being cautious. I take note of things that do not seem right and then take action to prevent them, or be ready to respond if they play out. I do not go around being afraid every time something hinky comes along. And I don't carry because I am afraid.

If you scare that easily then I can see how you would expect others to be in fear as well.

When I go hiking in the mountains I put a lot of preparation and planning in to avoid pitfalls and discomforts so I can spend more time enjoying what I am doing. If the weather starts looking suspicious, or the rock looks more slippery than usual or the river crossing deeper than normal then I am going to evaluate and respond to those atypical conditions as well. I am not in fear.

Same thing with being cautious at the gravel pit. I still go whenever I want to, but like hiking I take a buddy along if possible and I make sure we are on the same page as to what to expect and what to watch for. Seems pretty natural to me and I am surprised anyone would interpret this as being fearful or paranoid, unless of course they are often afraid themselves. I understand that.
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