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Originally Posted by NWPilgrim
So tell me, since you criticize my mindset to be alert, even at a gravel pit when target shooting, do you have any guns handy for self defense at any time during the day? Do you ever go on alert or do you blithely wander through life not caring what goes on around you? No offense of course.
No offense taken.

If you'd read my post, you'd see that I said that I carry a gun. More specifically, I carry a gun almost every day and have since the day I got my permit. I also consider myself to be "prudently cautious".

You'd see, if you carefully read my previous post, that I in fact ask the very questions of myself that you are attempting to use against me.

What my "mindset" is, is clarity and honest self-evaluation. I am not in "condition white" and I not naive and vulnerable.

What I am is aware that what I do and what I carry likely matters not at all. Any fears that I have... about that car who stops and watches me, yes, I've had those fears, or the not so nice looking dude who strolls into my shop 3 minutes before closing when I have no orders.... are just that, fears. None have ever born themselves out and, likely, none of them ever will.

I prepare and equip for an event that is virtually certain to never occur. So do you. The difference, is that I don't try to convince people that I prepare because it's "worth" preparing for. I prepare because I want to.

The point being again, do you ever stop and consider the myriad of things for which you DON'T prepare, things that are FAR more likely to kill you, and wonder to yourself, why? Why do I carry a gun and worry about that car stopping when I DON'T worry about roll cages and safety harnesses?

See, I do ask those questions. That's the big difference between me and a lot of "gun people". The difference between me and the anti-gun people is not the question, but the answer. My answer is because I am free to do so as I please. Theirs, is not.

There is no more sense in not asking the question than there is in eliminating the freedoms of those who choose to answer it differently.
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