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Yes but "prudently cautious" and "don't go shooting without bringing a lookout in case someone wants to kill you" are two different things, the latter of which seems to be implied by your "don't go shooting alone in a remote spot" comment.
You are contorting, or at best exaggerating, what I said, which was:
I do go to a rock pit often for informal shooting/plinking since the local clubs have restrictions on types of targets and only at set ranges and not easy to shoot from various positions.

When I do go, I always carry my G23, or carry the spare when I am shooting the carry one. I scope out the area before setting up, and try to bring a friend along if possible.
How you inflate that to "Don't go shooting without a friend!" I don't know. Maybe you have some phobias you are projecting. I would say at best I can find someone available about one fourth of the times I go to the pit. I conduct my life as I want, while aware and prepared the best I can.
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