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Originally Posted by NWPilgrim
Just because you are alert to POTENTIAL dangers does not mean you are scared or anxious. When you are displaying something that others are willing to kill for (guns, gold, wads of cash, etc.) then it is prudent to be more cautious.
Yes but "prudently cautious" and "don't go shooting without bringing a lookout in case someone wants to kill you" are two different things, the latter of which seems to be implied by your "don't go shooting alone in a remote spot" comment.

I simply can not imagine any of my friends not thinking me crazy if I said "Hey man, want to go shooting? One of us can shoot while the other keeps a lookout in case anyone sneaks up on us."

As I've said before, some dangers, though undeniably possible, are so unimaginably improbable as to be well beyond my need to be bothered by them.

I mean, if I'm going to be getting on my motorcycle on a regular basis and not being bothered by the fact that doing so is undeniably the most dangerous thing I'll do on any given day, what sort of justification would I have for worrying about something that has been documented to have happened once, maybe twice, EVER? On the flip side, if I'm going to be worried enough about dying in an event that is so astronomically unlikely that I would not go shooting in a remote place without bringing back-up, how would I justify the WILLFUL exposure to such a high-risk activity as riding a motorcycle or, frankly, driving a car for that matter.
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