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But probably a great many of us have shot or thought about shooting at an unofficial, de facto range like an old rock quarry. I'll bet a number of members reading this right now know of such a place, and might even go there regularly to practice. Over the years, I've been to any number of such places.

The last thing we'd ever imagine would be to be ambushed in such a place by a fellow shooter. But this story makes it clear how much of a sitting duck one can be when alone in such a place.

In light of this story, I'm going to re-think going to such places,
and if I go at all, I'll make sure that I'm not alone and that my companions are aware of what could possibly go down when other folks show up there.
Exactly what I have done since I first read this story many years ago. I do go to a rock pit often for informal shooting/plinking since the local clubs have restrictions on types of targets and only at set ranges and not easy to shoot from various positions.

When I do go, I always carry my G23, or carry the spare when I am shooting the carry one. I scope out the area before setting up, and try to bring a friend along if possible. Besides the G23 I also keep a rifle an AR15 or Garand loaded and handy, and carry it with me when I go down range to set/check targets. If a friend is along I make sure they understand to keep an eye out for approaching vehicles when I am shooting.

Most vehicles that come along either just drive on by or slow down to chat briefly, or get out and piicl up some brass, or start setting up on the other side of the pit.

A few times cars/trucks have come along that seem hinky. They park off to the side and do not approach to chat or do anything to indicate they plan to shoot. In a remote area with no other destinations in the area that is odd. I make sure they see I am keeping an eye on them and that I am armed with at least one pistol and on rifle (I'm usually shooting at least one other pistol and rifle as well). Sometimes they stay there for quite some time. I don;t think that is natural. If it were me I would leave the shooter alone and have his fun, or I would go over to chat. I would not lurk off to the side and say nothing but watch for half an hour. If I am alone I may just pack up and head out. If the car leaves I wait and listen to make sure they keep going and not just stopping around the corner.

Most of the time it is just a great day of shooting, but I am grateful for having read about Platt and Matix for those few times people act weird while I am there. An ounce of prevention and awareness are worth a ton of "cure."
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