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Second, in many academies, they no longer use any firearms capable of firing live ammunition whenever others are playacting the bad guys.
And to me that is the ONLY way to train in FOF federali.

These 'Red' or 'Blue' guns do fine. Or you can order an all aluminium look-alike (I have one that mimics my Glock 26 and another that mimics my J .38s.) These aluminium guns are made for holster makers but you can order them, as I have done,over the Internet.

They are great for practising drawing, pivots, 'stepping off the x', weak hand draws, etc.. all from concealment and at full speed. If they fall, no biggie. If you touch the trigger (still a no-no), it is no biggie.

I do this in the office here at home while my wife watches HGTV! As a result I'm quite good with either left or right hand and it shows when I go to the range.

I very strongly recommend dummy guns for alot of your gunhandling skills.

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