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Die & shell holder set a usable safe headspace 99% of the time.

I'll be using a dillon 650 loading press.
If you get a defective shell plate like i did, you will need a gage to check headspace (shoulder setback on sizing), not the Wilson, something more accurate like RCBS or Hornady.
The L. E. Wilson case gauge is basically a SAAMI chamber
Wrong. L.E.Wilson instructions> "These gages are not made with chambering reamers but with special reamers giving extra clearance both in front of and behind the shoulder so as to elimi-nate any possibility of contact except at the gaging point." It measures head to datum line for headspace. It does not check case body diameter. It may catch a burr on a rim. Your chamber is your best guide. Also measures trim length. It will not give exact measurement like a Hornady ( stoney point) unit. The Hornady measures head to datum line for headspace & helps set COL, bullet seating depth. The Ar15 magazine will control your COL for the most part. Have a look at the RCBS Precision Mic None of these tools are needed, but can be useful if there is a problem.

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