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For cold weather hunts, I wear Under-Armor left over from my military days. On top of that, I layer.
Certain hunts might even see Gortex come out, for rain.

Otherwise... It's BDU pants (for the pockets, I don't care about the woodland camo), and a T-shirt. Sweaters may make an appearance, if it's cool, but not cold.

I do want a good pair of insulated boots, but I'm still wearing out my military issue boots. Steel toe boots and combat boots can be a little cold in the winter, but they were free. ...And I still have 4 brand new pairs, in their original boxes, on top of the 4-6 pair I rotate through. Cold toes will be the norm for a while...

For areas and/or seasons requiring hunter orange, I have ball caps, knit caps, and light weight vests. I mix and match, to meet the local conditions and requirements.
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