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I was on an Air Force base for a refresher course in loading aircraft. There was a snack bar right across from the C 141 we were loading stuff on. One of the aircrew decided to make a dash for the snack bar. Next thing out of nowhere a vehicle with flashing lights pulled up the SP had him in the front leaning rest with a loaded M16 pointed at him. I saw him grab the charging handle and pull it back.

The flightline we were on also had F-15s and A-10s....we were told to not go wandering off. I saw why.
He's lucky the SPs stopped him, and not a mechanic. A handful of bases used to have mechanics go through specialized threat training. Since we were generally closer to the aircraft than the SPs, we were considered the first line of defense (on the flight line). BFWs (Big "Freaking" Wrenches) and telescopic breaker bars were the preferred Aircraft Defense weapons. Use of deadly force authorized.

We took our responsibilities so seriously, that even the SPs stopped running unannounced exercises on our side of the flight line. The SPs were a little scared. They had too many people get sent to the hospital, after they got tackled. Oops... Don't intentionally look like a threat, next time.
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