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I wear the same insulated coveralls and coats I wore to the barn or field and in the early fall denim jacket and bluejeans still fool squirrels into my cooking pot along with a little judicious application of 40 grains and some marksmanship.

When they made the blaze orange mandatory I bought the obligatory insulated orange jump suit and wore it for a few years. A sister borrowed it to ride motorcycle with and I haven't had it on since. Orange gloves, hat and vest over my old brown coveralls are legal, cheaper and have worked for over 20 years but I have to admit it is time for a new vest, mine has faded almost to yellow. Pac boots and lots of thick warm insoles are different than the old barn boots I used to wear and my feet are happier for it but still boots is boots. It's where and how you put them on the ground that counts, not what camo pattern or which brand they are.

Just dos centavos from an old dinosaur.
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