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Nice gun. Not imported post war (no import stamp), so the story of a WWII bringback is likely true. Apparently refinished, which might have been done during the war, but more likely happened some time after.

These guns used to go for about $350, but are now in the $450-500 range, with some even higher. One local shop had a beautiful example, complete with correct dated holster and wanted $900! Trouble was, the gun had been nickeled! Rediculous price for the refinished gun. Sat there for months, then was gone. Somebody with more money than brains must have bought it.

I have an ac42, but it has import markings. Bluing is in good shape, brown grips in good shape, matching numbers even. Paid $350 at a gun show about half a dozen years ago. Before the value of the dollar went in the crapper. Same gun today, about $100 more, give or take.

A couple of things you need to know, first, the gun ejects to the LEFT! Not critical, but surprising when you don't expect it.

More important, the Walther safety/decocker system has been known to fail. It doesn't happen often, but it can, and has happened. Old parts do break sometimes. If it happens, the gun will fire! ALWAYS point it in a safe direction when decocking on a live round!

Enjoy that piece of history, and respect it for what it was, and is. The first DA service autopistol, some folks get all hung up in its Nazi past. The P.38 armed all Germany's forces, replacing the P.08 (Luger) as standard issue. Lots of people are looking for WWII guns, from all sides, so if you want to sell it, you should have no trouble.
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