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When I was a kid I suffered through deer season with the old long johns, sweaters, coats, and poor boots.
LOL!!! Same here! Them scratchy Long Johns, sometimes worn double layered, with whatever you could find warm over them, and some old worn out milsurp BDUs over that. Long Johns would itch you, and you'd still freeze
I did have a pair of coveralls later that were better, but not great. I don't know if it's just that there wasn't anything better back then, or if it was because we were broke, but that's what we wore.

I'm glad that the clothing (or maybe just my clothing) has improved over the years. Being comfortable certainly helps you be still, which definitely helps you hunt better.

Don't get me wrong, I think the new camo patterns and clothes look really nice. However, they cost more than my standard issue Woodland Camo. Just cheap I guess.
What you have to do is catch stuff on clearance. I'd never be able to afford what they want for hunting clothes at full price. It is ridiculous. Buy during the "wrong" season, buy well, and buy once. For example I paid $150 for a nice camo hush-hide coat (very warm coat) during the spring, that was normally $400 during the fall and winter. I've had it for probably ten years now, so when you divide the cost by how long it has hunted, it's not that bad.

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