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live rounds, "kill houses" & training aids...

To me, in 2011 most professional ranges, LE agencies(large & small) and well run private security/PSC schools can use training devices or simulated weapons(ASP, Simmution, FATS, etc).
The safety & well being of the students/cadets or sworn LE agents should be the main concern.
A few and I mean less than handful of high speed SWAT or spec ops units could make a valid point for live fire drills but new/entry level staff DO NOT fall into that catagory.
Former US Navy SEAL officer & counter-terrorism expert Richard Marcinko wrote about a AD/training accident when a joint training op with SEALs & some D-Boys(US Army SFOD-Delta). A Delta Force trooper drill Marcinko up through his torso and out his neck with 1 230gr .45acp round.
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