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Internet search shows nothing but I did read a book about the 22, the short was the first cased round made, the lr came later and gave the penetration needed to be a killing round many guns were made with 22lr.
Great, then I see you have confused the difference between results and design. So you have no information to support your claim that the .22 was actually designed to penetrate deeply and have high velocity? You have assumed that sense the .22 penetrated well that it was somehow designed different than other ammo in regard to how it would perform. I really didn't expect you to be able to produce any actual results for this and am not surprised that you failed to do so. However, if you are going to base your belief in design intent on the results of the product produced, then I believe you will find that the .22 wasn't any different than other calibers at the time. In fact, the first rimfire .22s were NOT designed for high velocity and deep penetration. The first .22s were designed as plinking target rounds for shooting galleries in 1845. With maybe 20 ft lbs of energy, it wasn't going to do much in the way of penetrating deeply. Sorry.

Like I said, I killed more critters were a lot scarier than any man I ever met all with a 22. Dropped 2000 lb animals right there one shot, now I am not saying a 45 wouldnt have done the trick but when meat is involed best not to waste much.
Executing animals for consumption isn't the same thing as defensive use of a caliber. There are plenty of folks that put down 2000 lb cattle with little air guns but that does not make air guns great for defensive use.
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