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Originally Posted by deadcoyote
Although I reside in dirty old CA I must give a kind word here to our fine Sheriff in Humboldt County. CCW was even one of the main topics between the candidates for Sheriff in the election last year, and our electorate was clear enough that both candidates strongly and publicly stated they would continue Sheriff Phelps' policy of issue to anyone with a clear criminal record. Thus far it's going great as usual.
Very glad to hear that this is going on in CA. You just never know, that could end up being the kind of thing that will finally wear away the resistance to CC in the rest of the state.

Originally Posted by motorhead0922
Is a CA CCW permit good throughout the state?

I.e. a permit obtained in Humboldt County must be honored in an anti-gun county?

When I moved away from CA in 2006, the answer was "yes." Since then I haven't heard anything to indicate it has changed. What I have seen, however, is a map which shows there are a LOT more such sheriff's in the outlying counties who are issuing more and more CC permits on a "shall issue" basis. Warmed my heart, to be sure. I really do like CA and it's good to see this kind of thing happening.

Carry on the good work!

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