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Try Google Earth

If you know where you will be hunting, you can pull up a satellite pic on Google Earth, and using the ruler function, plot exact ranges from multiple points. Then, if you save each distance reference, you can click on a specific distance line and as you move the mouse cursor from one end of the line to the other it will show a topographic side view on the bottom of the screen that shows the elevation and contour for any point on that line. I made a printout of the area I hunt with each distance line overlayed and marked so I knew my scope settings and the terrain I'd be getting into which helps a great deal when you need to move due to a wind shift, which is exactly how I was able to take a buck last year!

BTW... The distance given by GE is pretty accurate... I confirmed using a Leupold laser rangefinder. You can pre-plan your shooting lanes, and have your bullet drop info already written down before you head into the field. As long as you stick to reference points you have it made!

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