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The police in your area suck BTW
Trust me, I know. But complain to who? Chiefs who condone laziness, or city officials who really only care once every couple years?

Yes, I am aware that
there is NO law that the police are required to protect you

why didn't you just rack the slide of your pistol and tell him to buzz off?
I had actually thought about that, but it was already loaded and the hammer doesn't make much sound when cocked. Didn't want to risk a slam-fire or AD and end up capping the guy as I would have no justification at that point.

Then i remembered the recording I had from my last session out at the FIL's property when I took his 870 for a spin.

I am not terribly worried for myself - I have the capability to defend myself both physically and ballistically - I am more concerned for my fiancee who refuses to touch any firearm...but that is a topic for a different thread
"The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank" - Montgomery Scott
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